Dr Mat Evans. Neuroscientist.

Mat Evans

Neural Coding Laboratory and
Systems Neurophysiology Laboratory
Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health
Stopford Building
University of Manchester
M13 9PT, UK

Tel: +44(0)161 275 5149
Email: mathew.evans@manchester.ac.uk
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I'm a Computational Neuroscience Postdoc (in both subject and methodology) in the labs of Rasmus Petersen and Mark Humphries at The University of Manchester, UK.

I am interested in the computational principles underlying simple cognitive processes such as sensation, perception, action and decision making. I feel that understanding how (relatively) simple brains encode and act upon the world is our best chance of progress in Neuroscience. I strongly believe that computational and statistical methods - in particular the automation of data processing tasks with machine learning, for example, using machine vision tools for behavioural analysis - can provide step-changes in our ability to understand the brain. I also believe in studying simple systems operating under simple conditions with as much experimental precision as possible. For these reasons my current research is focussed on understanding the rodent whisker system with a range of computational tools.

Previous Research

My PhD and early postdoc years were earned with Prof. Tony Prescott in Sheffield. As a member of Sheffield Robotics (formerly Sheffield Centre for Robotics, ScentRO), Active Touch Laboratory at Sheffield (ATL@S), Adaptive Behaviour Research Group (ABRG), EU grants BIOTACT, WYSIWYD and EFAA I developed models of whisker based tactile perception, and robot technologies based on the rodent whisker system. I also worked on a project (and patent) to develop a sensory augmentation device for providing distal touch information to the visually impaired (some details on this, and the whisker work, can be seen on a BBC Look North video here). In 2012 I was awarded an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship from the University of Sheffield (£50K).



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Extra curricular

I am a proud Father, Husband and Welshman. I'm a first-language Welsh speaker. In my spare time I like to cycle. I have been known to swim and compete in the odd triathlon. I am a lapsed bmxer. My more transient interests can be followed on twitter